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Apple slips, posts Tiger launch graphics on Apple.com two days early

Things just aren\'t going Apple\'s way this week. The latest company blunder took place around 2:30 eastern time today, when an employee inadvertently updated the main Apple.com web page with graphics planned for Friday\'s launch of Mac OS X 10.4 \"Tiger.\"

Tiger is \"In Stores Now,\" a graphic on Apple\'s main page read for few minutes on Wednesday. The page was reverted back to its current state after the company became aware of the mishap.


Judging by the images that appeared, Apple.com on Friday evening will return to its original layout (white background, and rounded preview graphics). A dynamic splash screen marked by a large \"X\" will alternately highlight some of Tiger\'s most anticipated features including Dashboard, Spotlight, iChat AV, Automator, QuickTiime 7 and Safari.

Over the past week, Apple has entered into a spat with a major book publisher over an unauthorized biography of company CEO Steve Jobs, seen Amazon.com leak the specs of new Power Mac models a day early, and watched catalog resellers violate an embargo on pre-mature shipments of Tiger to customers.