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Apple reduces cost of ATI card for Mac Pro

Apple Computer has lowered the cost of the ATI X1900XT graphics card that was introduced alongside the company's Mac Pro line of desktop computers this month.

The 512MB, 2 x dual-link DVI graphics card was introduced with a price tag of $350 (when purchased with a Mac Pro) but is now priced at $250, according to checks with the Apple online store.

"Apple is pleased to announce a price drop for the Mac Pro you recently ordered," the company wrote in an email to Apple Store online customers. "We have automatically adjusted your order to reflect the new price."

Though welcomed by early Mac Pro adopters, no explanation for the $100 price reduction was offered. In its e-mail to customers, Apple also failed to mention the X1900XT specifically.

Mac Pro orders configured with the still-unreleased graphics card have been delayed by several weeks. Apple is currently listing estimated ship times of mid-September for those systems that have been on order.

The Apple online store is also offering the X1900XT as a standalone product for $399, which was similarly reduced from $499.