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AT&T intros flat rate international iPhone data plans starting at $25

Responding to swelling discontent amongst customers who've been slapped with costly data usage bills for browsing the Web and checking email on their iPhones while abroad, AT&T on Friday announced a pair of flat-rate international data plans starting at just $25 per month.

A new $60 Data Global Plan will offer iPhone users 50MB of data per month to browse the Web, check e-mail and access other information in more than 29 countries, including Canada, China, Mexico and in areas throughout Europe and Asia.

The plan, which must be purchased in addition to the domestic voice and data iPhone plan acquired during iPhone activation, also enables international voice and data roaming, as well as international long distance dialing from the United States at standard rates.

Should customers exceed the 50MB bucket in the 29 countries where the plan applies, they will be charged $.005/KB, AT&T said. Outside those countries, consumers will be charged for their data usage by the kilobyte, at rates starting as low as $.010/KB.

AT&T is also offering a 20MB Data Global Plan for iPhone customers for $$25 a month. The 20MB bucket applies to usage within the same 29 countries, with overage rated at $.005/KB. Outside the 29 designated countries, the data usage rate is $.0195/KB.

AT&T advises international travelers to remember to check their wireless options as a part of their pre-trip planning process. Travelers can visit the carrier's international page to see whether service is available in the countries to which they are traveling.

Travelers can also visit AT&T's Travel Guide to determine whether their wireless device has the frequency and wireless technology needed at their travel destination.