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Proview's $60M iPad payout called a 'thuggish' win over Apple

The $60 million settlement paid by Apple for use of the "iPad" name has been a hot topic in China, with a number of users online calling Proview's tactics a "thuggish" way to earn a payout.

China's widespread online reaction to the Proview settlement was captured on Monday by The Wall Street Journal, which noted the word "thug" was a common word choice among popular social networking sites in China like Sina Weibo. "Intellectual property awareness is something to be supported, but Proview is definitely guilty of playing the thug," user "Gosipier" wrote.

Other users joked that Proview's $60 million settlement could prompt others to begin registering various Apple-like "iProduct" names in hopes of getting their own eventual settlement. But Proview made its own product called the "iPAD," or Internet Personal Access Device," beginning in the late '90s.

Many users expressed excitement over the settlement, hoping that the resolution of the dispute between Apple and Proview could lead to the release of the latest third-generation iPad in China. The new iPad was granted regulatory approval by the government in China in late March, but it has yet to go on sale.

China has become a very important part of Apple's business in recent years, as the nation now leads the world in iOS device activations. Last year, the region was the second-largest market for Apple, behind only the U.S.

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The Guangdong High People's Court announced that Apple had reached an agreement with Proview to pay $60 million for the rights to the Chinese iPad trademark on Sunday. Earlier reports suggested Proview was seeking $400 million for the iPad trademark, and the company was said to have turned down a $16 million settlement offer from Apple.