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Apple publishes statement in UK paper saying Samsung didn't copy iPad

In compliance with a court ruling, Apple has published a statement in a U.K. newspaper advertising that Samsung did not copy the design of the iPad.


Apple's advertisement in The Guardian on Friday. Credit: Tim Acheson.

A picture of the text-only advertisement found in Friday's edition of The Guardian was published by The Next Web. It says that Samsung's Galaxy tablets, specifically the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Tab 8.9, and Tab 7.7, do not infringe Apple's patents.

The advertisement provides readers with links where they can read the full judgement, as well as the appeal filed and lost by Apple. It notes that there is no injunction against Samsung's tablets being enforced anywhere in Europe.

Apple was ordered by Judge Birss to run advertisements on its UK website as well as in British magazines and newspapers, declaring Samsung did not copy the iPad. The Web notice is to remain active at least six months, while other ads would be taken out in various print publications as a consolation for the "damaging impression" Samsung suffered a result of the suit.

Apple did have a statement on its website regarding the court's decision, but it was removed Friday after the U.K. court ordered the company to rewrite the copy. The revised statement, with a larger font size, is expected to soon appear on the front page of Apple's website in its entirety.

Originally the statement was tucked away in the form of a link at the bottom of the page. But Judge Robin Jacob said that Apple's advertisement on its own website was "a plan breach of the order."