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UK judge rules Apple must advertise Samsung did not copy the iPad

Apple has been ordered by a U.K. judge to advertise on its website and in British newspapers that Samsung's Galaxy Tab did not copy the design of the iPad.

The decision from Judge Colin Birss means Apple will have to post the notice on its U.K. website for six months, as well as "several newspapers and magazines to correct the damaging impression" that Samsung copied the iPad, according to Bloomberg. The same judge said in a ruling earlier this month that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is not "cool" enough to be mistaken for an iPad.

An attorney representing Apple argued before the court that mentioning Samsung on Apple's official website would amount to "an advertisement" for its rival.

Birss determined that Samsung's products, including the Galaxy Tab, are distinctive from Apple, as they are thinner and have "unusual details" on the back. Apple does have the ability to appeal the judge's decision.

While Apple has had a hard time fighting Samsung in court in the U.K., it has had success against the Galaxy Tab in other countries. For example, last month U.S. District Court Judge Lucky Koh found that Samsung infringed on Apple's design patents, and issued a temporary injunction prohibiting sales of the device.

Apple has also successfully argued for temporary injunctions in Australia and Germany. Samsung dodged the German injunction by releasing a slightly-redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1N. Meanwhile, the Australian ban was overturned last November.