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Photos of supposed fully assembled 'iPhone 6' chassis surface

Amid the deluge of parts leaks and rumors surrounding the upcoming "iPhone 6," a set of photos on Tuesday mates purportedly leaked rear case and display components in what could be the first look at Apple's next handset.

While the pictures from Russian iPhone retailer Feld & Volk don't show an operating iPhone 6 with working circuitry, they do offer a glimpse at what might be Apple's next handset if past rumors and leaks turn out to be true.

As seen in the image above, posted to the firm's Instagram page and subsequently picked up by MacRumors, the setup is a combination of two supposedly leaked parts that have been making their way around the Web over the past few months.

The rear shell was first seen in May and features rounded edges, redesigned speaker grille and side-mounted sleep/wake button for easy handling. A more complete version with anchors for circuit boards and inlaid radio-transparent Apple logo showed up in late July.

As for the top screen portion, some of the first supposed photos came out in April. It is unknown if today's photos include an assembled display complete with screen, like a version posted to the Web earlier this month, nor is it clear if the Touch ID home button is the same part leaked last month.

Apple is expected to reveal its next-generation iPhone lineup on Sept. 9, with many industry watchers anticipating 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions of the handset. Along with the redesign, the next iPhone will likely feature an A8 processor, enhanced camera and iOS 8.