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E3 2016: Dragon Raja and Galak-Z land on iOS later this year

Rounding out AppleInsider's E3 coverage are two stylish mobile games, one an RPG adaptation of Korean fantasy novel Dragon Raja, and another a portable version of popular console space shooter Galak-Z.

Developed by Chinese outfit Locojoy Games, Dragon Raja is a story-driven action RPG based on the Korean literary series of the same name. The studio is partnering with Narvalous to bring the hit title stateside in the third quarter of 2016.

Gameplay will be familiar to players versed in action RPG mashups. A fantasy game, Dragon Raja puts players in the shoes of 21 different hero characters collected throughout story mode, each boasting a different set of skills and abilities. Users can switch between three characters as they make their way through a lushly illustrated world filled with warriors, mages, monsters and more.

As seen in the photo above, Locojoy's action-packed demo incorporates a virtual joystick UI that, while a bit cramped, allows for greater control over character movement and easy access to the simplified battle system. Attack, defend and alternate buttons reside in the lower right. The game includes a character editor with what appears to be a decent level of customization options.

Aside from story mode, Dragon Raja features PvP, a daily dungeon, looting and other online modes.

Dragon Raja is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2016 on iOS and Android.

Studio 17-Bit showed off Galak-Z: Variant Mobile, a mobile port of the arcade-style 2D space shooter Galak-Z: The Dimensional made popular on console and PC.

While not a true "roguelike" game, Galak-Z does share certain elements with the RPG sub-genre like resource gathering and strategic upgrades that could mean the difference between life and death. The mobile version strays further from the norm by employing shorter levels and lowering the difficulty to below brutal, a good mix for casual iOS gamers.

Controls are similar to a classic arcade shooter. A simple joystick-style orb situated bottom-left controls the player's mech ship, while twin weapon and accelerator pads take up position on the bottom-right.

Players collect weapon buffs, shields and other useful power-ups as they defeat enemies and complete missions in alien environments designed to pay homage to 1980s arcade sagas. Like the anime-inspired original, Variant Mobile's graphics are bold and colorful, with generated effects overlaid on top of painterly, dynamic backgrounds.

17-Bit hopes to release Galak-Z: Variant Mobile by the end of 2016.