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Topic: Citi

Citi fined $30M for leaking iPhone supply chain data

10/03/2013, 05:10 pm

Citi has signed a consent order with the Massachusetts Secretary of State agreeing to pay $30 million after its analysts leaked information on Apple's iPhone supply chain to a number of big clients, including SAC Capital Advisors.


China's anti-Apple campaign estimated to cost Apple $13 billion in sales

04/01/2013, 02:04 pm

China's recent state-sponsored, anti-Apple campaign might not just be empty rhetoric: it could, according to one estimate, cost Apple $13 billion in sales in the country.


Citi initiates coverage of Apple stock with 'buy' rating, $675 target

11/26/2012, 11:11 am

Citi Research began covering Apple stock on Monday, and kicked things off with a note to investors projecting a $675 target price with a recommendation to buy.