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Topic: tablet

Apple's Mac leads sales growth as PC market begins to recover

08/26/2009, 12:08 pm

The worldwide PC market began a slow rebound from the recession last quarter with overall home sales surging, and strong Mac sales with business buyers.


Upcoming Apple tablet is No. 1 priority of Steve Jobs - report

08/25/2009, 07:08 am

Since his return to Apple in June, company co-founder Steve Jobs has been focused on bringing the hardware maker's yet-to-be announced tablet device successfully to market, a new report claims.


School shoppers choose netbooks over Apple, for now

08/18/2009, 03:08 pm

A new study suggests students prefer low-cost netbooks over Apple's MacBook, but some believe the Mac-maker's long-rumored tablet could take a large portion of low-end laptop sales.


New Apple tablet speculation: two models, OLED screen

08/13/2009, 04:08 pm

New reports on Apple's rumored upcoming tablet device suggest the product could have two versions -- one for educational use, and one with a Web cam -- and utilize an OLED screen.


Apple's tablet will be more than a niche product - report

08/07/2009, 08:08 am

A new financial analysis predicts that Apple's yet-to-be-announced tablet will launch in early 2010 and sell about 2 million units in its first year -- and at an estimated $600 each, that would be an additional $1.2 billion in revenue.


Apple evaluated 4- to 12-inch tablet screens - report

08/04/2009, 01:08 pm

Apple has reportedly purchased a number of screens -- ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches in size -- over the last few years, as it explores its possible entry into the tablet and sub-notebook market, according to a financial analyst.


Tablet prototype "seen first-hand;" Apple keyboard hack detailed

08/03/2009, 07:08 am

A new report alleges that an analyst has seen a prototype of Apple's long-rumored tablet device in person, while the DEFCON conference debuted another dangerous hardware hack.


Apple rumored in talks for Verizon budget phone, media tablet

04/28/2009, 12:04 am

The heat is stepping up for AT&T with word of negotiations to bring an Apple budget phone and a media tablet to Verizon, one of which may show its face within just a few months.


Jobs active at Apple, still working on tablet-sized device

04/11/2009, 10:04 am

Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs is still very much involved in his company's direction even as he recuperates at home -- and is said to be on track with a new portable device larger than the company's handhelds.


Apple device sized between iPhone, MacBook detected online

10/22/2008, 06:10 pm

Apple chief Steve Jobs' has dismissed any immediate plans to enter the netbook field, but a new discovery online points to a mystery device with a resolution in between its pocketable devices and its notebooks.


Apple's Best Buy play makes 12m iPhones "very conservative"

08/13/2008, 07:08 pm

An agreement for Best Buy to start selling iPhones will help make already strong estimates for Apple's device sales seem all too modest, according to an investment note from Lehman Brothers.


Intel may cater to Apple with system-on-a-chip, dual-core Atom

07/24/2008, 06:07 pm

Intel's options for Apple and other customers interested in ultra-portable devices are about to expand thanks to the official launch of an all-in-one processor and a dual-core version of its Atom processor.


Apple plans mystery "product transition" before September's end

07/21/2008, 06:07 pm

During his quarterly financial results call, Apple's chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer revealed that the company will make a key "product transition" that cuts back on its profit margins to help shut out rivals.


New media patent filing puts Apple closer to touchscreen Macs

07/10/2008, 06:07 pm

A new patent filing by Apple illustrates the potential of future multi-touch Macs could allow a whole new suite of creative software, and even a whole desktop operating system, controlled simply through on-screen gestures.


New Apple touch patents show body part sensing, fingernail input

07/03/2008, 07:07 pm

In what's considered the definitive overview of Apple's attempts to patent its multi-touch interface, a deluge of newly-public filings show Apple considering technology that hasn't yet been used in the iPhone or the Mac -- including sensing the difference between body parts, explaining gestures through activities, and even responding differently to input from fingernails.


Apple hiring for Mac, iPhone handwriting; AirPort, Mac Pro updates

03/27/2008, 08:03 pm

Not content with its Inkwell technology, Apple has started a search for a handwriting recognition engineer to improve Mac OS X and, potentially, the iPhone. Also, the company has issued separate updates for AirPort Extreme on Tiger systems as well as newer Mac Pro workstations.


Sources: Apple Newton-tablet not ripe for Macworld

01/11/2008, 01:01 pm

An initiative on the part of Apple Inc. to develop a modern day successor to its now defunct Newton handheld device is not expected to play a role in next week's Macworld Expo.


Wired on the untold history of the iPhone

01/10/2008, 10:01 am

In a special 4-page report titled "How the iPhone Blew Up the Wireless Industry," technology magazine Wired delves deep into the origins of Apple's iPhone project, revealing a slew of previously undisclosed details surrounding the multi-year development of the device.


Will Apple Rescue Intel's Silverthorne?

01/02/2008, 09:01 am

Sources familiar with Apple's plans for 2008 report that the company is eyeing a new mobile processor from Intel code-named Silverthorne for use in a new generation of handheld devices. That has broad implications for Apple's expanding role in consumer electronics, and holds out the prospect for the company to play the savior for a chip originally designed to power the second-generation of Microsoft's beleaguered UMPCs.


Exclusive: Apple to adopt Intel's ultra-mobile PC platform

12/21/2007, 10:12 am

Apple Inc. will form a closer bond with once-rival Intel Corp. early next year when it begins building a new breed of ultra-mobile processors from the chipmaker into a fresh generation of handheld devices, AppleInsider has learned.