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Nullsoft to Bring WinAmp Player to Mac

The most popular MP3 Player software for the Windows Operating System will soon be coming to the Macintosh platform, so sources say.

The freeware application, which goes by the name WinAmp, has enjoyed a ring of success, as it can be found on the majority of the Windows PCs located in college dorm rooms and average teenager's household. And with the slow demise of MACAST, which has now become apparent, Macintosh users will most likely jump at the chance to own an MP3 player that will receive updates on a regular basis.

According to sources, the Macintosh version of WinAmp will arrive as a port of the Windows version. The word on the street is that Dmitry Boldyrev, otherwise known to Macintosh users as the founder and developer of MacAMP (later renamed MACAST), is the man currently behind the porting job.

Work on the project apparently began sometime last year, and the code for the finalized Macintosh version is expected to have gone golden by the time this article hits publication. "If all goes according to plan, the Mac version of WinAmp will make its debut within a week's time," one source told AppleInsider.

Macintosh users are said to expect the same features as the PC version, at the same cost, free. The application will go head to head with Unsanity's new Unsanity Echo MP3 Player and Apple's recently