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Mac OS X Tiger to feature more powerful search kit

A new version of Apple's Search Kit due to ship with Mac OS X Tiger will reportedly contain several improvements over the version introduced in Mac OS X Panther, including search indexing that is up to three times faster than before.

According to sources, developers writing software for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger will be able to use several new function calls to achieve search-as-you-type performance within their applications.

Applications that are aware of the new Search Kit will also allow users to search for text contained within a word or combine search patterns to form complex search expressions.

Additionally, the updated Search Kit will provide optional proximity indexing and quoted phrase searching, greater control over indexing and searching options, and an improved search syntax.

Sources say that Tiger developers will be able to displaying their search results with an improved relevance ranking that supports absolute relevance with incremental results. Optionally, developers may choose to use a new unranked search, which sources say will be much faster than the ranked version.