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Report: Nvidia at root of 30-inch Apple Cinema Display delays

It\'s just another delay in Cupertino, or is it? Surprisingly, industry sources aren\'t beating on Apple over its latest display woes.

Following reports that Apple Computer has delayed its new 30-inch high-definition Cinema display into October, The Inquirer is reporting that the company\'s third party graphics card supplier Nvidia may be to blame.

According to the report, Apple is \"raring to go\" forth with the new displays, but Nvidia is unable to produce stable versions of its new GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL card, which are required to power the 2560x1600 pixel mammoths.

\"With 6800 Ultras in short supply on the PC, and the marketing machine telling everyone to buy 6800GTs, this special edition 6800 Ultra must be a niche of a niche of a niche - and possibly even less viable to produce.\"

The report also notes the massive size of the graphics card, suggesting that it is neither cheap nor easy to manufacture.

Based on a statement published on the Apple online store, customers who plan to use the card must automatically surrender an additional PCI slot. \"Due to size of this advanced graphics card, the adjacent PCI or PCI-X slot will be blocked and cannot be used. This reduces the number of available PCI or PCI-X slots from three to two.\"

Apple recently informed customers that it now hopes to ship its 30-inch display, along with the Nvidia graphics card, on or before October 25th.