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Rumors of special edition Madonna iPod abound

Over the weekend rumor began to spread that Apple and pop singer Madonna are collaborating on a special edition iPod that could be released soon.

Although AppleInsider cannot verify rumor with any degree of certainty, both independent and online reports claim Madonna has been working with Apple on a pink-colored special edition iPod nano that will come preloaded with her entire music catalog.

According to the reports, the player is expected to be introduced during Apple\'s October 12th special event alongside fifth-generation iPods and several other product announcements.

Last year Apple entered into a similar agreement with U2 that produced a black and red special edition iPod that has sold well.

During a special event last month that saw the introduction of the iPod nano, Madonna joined Apple chief executive Steve Jobs over video-chat to announce that she was making her entire music catalog available for download through the iTunes music store.

Madonna had previously refused to place her music tracks online for legal download.

The pop singer also recently starred in a television ad campaign to promote the iTunes ROKR cell phone from Motorola.