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Apple schedules special event for Oct. 19


Apple is continuing its trend of holding special media events to unveil new products, this time with an invitation-only gathering on Wednesday, October 19th. The press event is scheduled to take place just one week after the company used a similar conference to unveil a new video-capable iPod, updated iMac, and iTunes 6.

As with past special events, the Mac and iPod maker only hinted to what it might introduce. The invitation sent to members of the press indicated the company would use the New York City conference to "unveil Apple’s latest pro innovations." The invitation for Apple's October 12th event was event more vague — it teased recipients with CEO Steve Jobs' famous "One More Thing..." line.

More revealing was Apple's September 7th tease, which alluded to the launch of the original iPod, stating, "1000 songs in your pocket changed everything. Here we go again." At that event, Apple unveiled the 1000-song iPod nano.

AppleInsider sources have said that Apple is ready to unveil new Power Macs and PowerBooks at the event next week. The machines were originally expected to debut at Apple Expo in Paris, but unexpected issues in the development process delayed their launch.

Sources have also hinted at a photography-related announcement, but very few details are known.

It's worth noting, however, that the Apple event is scheduled for the eve of the PhotoPlus Expo, also in New York City.