Intel Developer Forum to host two Apple sessions

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Intel Corp. has announced that it will host two Apple-focused sessions as part of its fall Intel Developer Forum next week.

The move comes just one day after AMD chief executive Hector Ruiz asserted that Apple would eventually become one of its customers in order to offer consumers a choice in the microprocessors that come inside their Macs.

At a dinner speech in California, Ruiz charged Intel with stifling the PC industry's growth and holding its partners "hostage" in the processes.

InfoWorld, which was first to point out the new Apple developer sessions, said it sees the move as a long overdue endorsement of the Mac maker by Intel.

According to Intel's developer site, Simon Patience, a VP of Core OS Software Engineering at Apple, will host a session titled "Mac OS X Overview: Performance OS for a Performance Processor."

"Mac OS X is designed from its BSD roots to its industry-leading UI to take full advantage of the features that Intel Core microarchitecture provides," reads the session description. "Learn how Mac OS X uses symmetric multiprocessing, multi-core threading, 64 bit memory spaces, power management, and other Intel Core microarchitecture enhancements to build a rock-solid, high performance foundation for the most innovative applications in computing."

Meanwhile, John Gelensye, Apple's Software Technology Evangelism lead, will present a session titled "Creating Applications on Mac OS X: Power at Your Fingertips."

During this session, developers can "learn from Apple pros how to create and manage projects in Xcode, Apples comprehensive IDE, including using the Intel C++ Compiler for Mac OS and Intel Fortran Compiler for Mac OS."

The fall Intel Developer Forum will run September 26-28 at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco, Calif.


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