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Apple ends mail-in repair service in the UK - report [updated]

Apple Computer has quietly discontinued its mail-in repair service in the UK without notifying its customers or resellers, according to a report.

UK-based Ping Wales said it stumbled upon the news when one of its contributors contacted Apple to schedule a repair for a PowerBook that had been registered with the company's AppleCare extended protection plan.

Instead of going through the usual procedure where Apple would dispatch an empty box with prepaid shipping labels and packaging material, the customer was told to take the notebook to the nearest Apple authorised repair center.

"Apple declined to comment on the matter, but a call to the company's tech support call centre confirmed that the mail-in repair service had been discontinued just over a month ago," the report states.

Apple resellers reportedly told Ping Wales that they hadn't been informed of the change either, but added that the report may explain why they have seen a sharp increase in the number of repair requests at their stores in recent weeks.

"I recently had cause to ring Apple to get my MacBook serviced, and was informed I'd need to take it to Cardiff," wrote one customer, who at press time had posted the lone comment on the report. "I asked the tech support agent if Apple could reimburse me for the expenses incurred by getting to and from Cardiff and was told no, Apple can't do that."


A tipster informs AppleInsider that Apple has temporarily halted its mail-in repair service in the U.K. due to the impending closure of Celestica's Telford, England repair facility.

The facility specialized in repair services for clients such as Apple, IBM, Sony, Dell, Fujitsu, Kodak, Blackberry, Telewest and Sun — all of which are now seeking replacement providers.

Its closure later this month will reportedly result in the loss of 665 jobs right around Christmas time.