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Rogers Wireless lands exclusive iPhone deal in Canada

Rogers Wireless has sealed a deal with Apple Inc. to become the exclusive carrier for iPhone in Canada, according to a customer advisory notice sent to subscribers this week.

The largest Canadian wireless communications provider told its customers that availability and pricing were still being sorted out, but added that it would be the only wireless carrier to offer the Apple handset in Canada.

"Other Canadian wireless carriers will not launch the iPhone," the carrier wrote.

Rogers in the email communication said it is actively working with Apple to launch the iPhone in Canada "as soon as possible." The carrier also revealed that Apple is planning to introduce the iPhone in Europe during the fourth quarter of 2007 and in Asia during 2008.

In an interview with the Globe and Mail earlier this month, Rogers chief operating officer Nadir Mohamed implied that his firm would make a good fit for the Apple phone, as its the only Canadian provider offering GSM service.

"I’m not saying whether we have agreements or anything [with Apple], but given the iPhone was launched on GSM, we’re in good position to reinforce that we’re the first and have the best-feature devices," he said at the time.

Rogers Wireless, previously known as Rogers AT&T Wireless, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rogers Communications with 6.2 million subscribers and 5,000 employees.

In addition to acting as the the largest Canadian BlackBerry service provider, the carrier also claims to be the only Canadian wireless provider to offer a complete, independent coast-to-coast network spanning all Canadian regions excluding the Territories.