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New iMac, iPhone hints turn up in Apple software update

Minutes after Apple released an update to its Tiger operating system on Wednesday, curious users began sifting through the software's installer packages, turning up a new Yahoo! framework and possible hints at forthcoming iMac revisions.


In an e-mail, one AppleInsider reader pointed out that Mac OS X 10.4.10 Update installs a new framework called "YahooSync," which can be found in the "PrivateFrameworks" system directory.

Apple made no mention of the addition in release notes accompany the Tiger update, leading to speculation that the code is being added to support Yahoo!'s "push" IMAP email feature, which is expected to ship as part of iPhone later this month, or the handset's ability to sync with Yahoo! address books.

New iMac display vendors

Meanwhile, AppleInsider forum member "bogg" discovered that the Mac OS X 10.4.10 Update installs several new "display" vendor resources, four of which are appear to be associated with Apple's iMac line.

The forum member speculates the additions could indicate that Apple's upcoming line of summer iMacs will include updated LCD panels or more simply panels from a different vendor.