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Insanity: First iPhone line forms in Manhattan (four days early)

Two individuals can now flaunt the crown of "the very first iPhone line waiters", having camped out Monday morning on a Midtown Manhattan sidewalk more than four days before the Apple device is due to go on sale.

At 5:00 a.m. on Monday, the two iPhone enthusiasts stationed themselves outside Apple's Fifth Avenue flagship shop in New York City's Manhattan borough, assuring their first and second places in line. Yes — they plan to remain there till Friday evening and are seeking food and MetroCards as donations.

The two were first discovered by local blog site Vicarious Music , which spotted them Monday afternoon holding signs pronouncing their early arrival.

In a later interview with Gizmodo, the head of the line (known thus far only as Greg) explained that he was a single retiree, affording him all the time in the world to 'get his iPhone.' Greg's plan after buying iPhone? To "take a look at it" and "see how it works." His left-hand man remains unidentified.

Both campers are equipped for the remaining four days of the wait with soft seats, soft drinks, and coolers full of grub — including, as the interview (below) reveals, at least one bright yellow banana.

iPhone Line Waiters
iPhone Line Waiters

Update: "Greg" has a blog...