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Apple posts iPhone User Guide, tech notes


Those without the iPhone still have the opportunity to learn every last detail of the device's functions and support through Apple's official documentation.

The complete, 118-page user manual for the iPhone is now available online as a PDF.

The guide touches on the full interface for each of the bundled programs, typical maintenance and care, and extra tips such as using the iPhone's accessibility options. No new information is listed in the document.

In addition to the primary manual, Apple has also issued its first five technical notes for those experiencing problems with the device. The posting includes three troubleshooting notes for those unable to use POP3 e-mail, a failure to recognize the device by iTunes or Mac OS X, and those experiencing lockups or unresponsiveness.

Informational notes are also available for those setting up Internet access through EDGE or Wi-Fi, and those interested in the basis of SMS messages.