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Apple announcements brewing for late October [updated]


Apple Inc. has begun preparatory measures for significant announcements to take place during the last full week of October, AppleInsider has been told.

While sources have requested that we not go into detail regarding the specific measures being put into place, they say the announcements are likely to arrive any time between the 22nd and 27th of the month.

Obviously, such a timeframe would coincide with Apple's self-imposed release schedule for Mac OS X Leopard, which the company — after having delayed the software once — has promised for "October."

As of Wednesday evening, the source code to Leopard had not yet been frozen and a Gold Master had not yet been declared. However, the operating system in recent weeks has inched closer to this status with the last full builds including only one known issue.

Historically, Apple has tapped the final Friday of the month to roll out its major operating system overhauls. For instance, it launched Mac OS X Tiger on the eve of Friday, April 29, 2005.

Sources have yet to rule out the possibility that Leopard would be accompanied by additional announcements from the Cupertino-based company.

Update: We are receiving additional tips from industry sources who indicate that October 26 is currently the estimated ship date for Mac OS X Leopard.

For those readers who don't plan to run out to an Apple store the day Leopard hits the streets, is currently taking pre-orders with a price guarantee of $129 for the single license edition and $199 for the 5-license family edition.