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Leopard launch info imminent; Nokia downgraded on iPhone worries

Apple is just about ready to spread the buzz about Leopard. Meanwhile, Nokia has been dealt a serious blow at the hands of Apple and others, according to a new wealth management report out of UBS.

Leopard Roars

Apple as early as Tuesday is expected to make a Leopard-related announcement to both customers and members of the media, AppleInsider has learned.

After cutting it close near the tail-end of the software's development cycle, the stars appear to have finally fallen into alignment after a Gold Master candidate build surfaced internally this past weekend.

Obviously, an impending announcement would concern availability, as much else about Leopard has been out in the open for quite some time. AppleInsider had previously pinned Leopard's launch for 6:00 p.m. on Friday Oct. 26 — a date and time which several publications, including our friends at ifoAppleStore, now appear to be confirming.

Nokia stock downgraded thanks to iPhone

Nokia's position in the market is overrated due in part to the iPhone, according to a new research note from UBS wealth management analyst Cesare Valeggia that recommended investors sell shares in the Finnish handset maker.

While the investment firm has previously advised buying Nokia stock, the climate of the market has changed, Valeggia said. With Apple entering the business and HP also making its return, the cellphone veteran would have to invest more money in research to keep up with or outperform its rivals.

Nokia would also have to reduce profit margins to make its 3G phones and smartphones more competitive and increase its marketshare in step with expectations, according to the report. Previous claims would have had the company's phone shipments climb by double-digit figures, which was "unrealistic" given the maturity of the cellphone market.