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Rumor: possible Apple event brewing for late February

For the second time in three years, Apple Inc. may use the latter end of February to hold a special gathering where it will show off its latest innovations to analysts and members of the media, according to multiple reports.

TUAW bravely states that high end video production firm MIRA Mobile is rumored to be soliciting staffers for a yet-announced Apple production to take place some time near the end of the month.

The blog site warns, however, that readers should treat the tip as a highly unconfirmed rumor, as it has not been able to corroborate its source's tip with any further evidence.

Separately, AppleInsider has also heard rumblings that the Cupertino-based firm is prepping an unusual number of visual resources for some form of display to take place on or after February 21st, yielding the 26th as the most likely date should those resources indeed pertain to a special event.

Since neither tip can be corroborated with any degree of certainty, readers should take these rumblings with a grain of salt. Neverthless, it should be noted that Penryn-based MacBook Pros with mutli-touch trackpads and an official iPhone SDK are both expected in the coming weeks, whether Apple ultimately holds an event or not.

Meanwhile, MacRumors has dug up this YouTube video (below) filmed outside San Francisco's Moscone West convention center during Macworld 2007, confirming that Apple has indeed used MIRA Mobile to produce live event coverage in the past.

Back in February of 2006, the company held what will forever go down as its most underwhelming media event ever, rolling out leather iPod cases, the iPod Hi-Fi and the first Intel-based Mac minis. The iPod Hi-Fi has since met its fate, with the Mac mini believed to on its way down the same path.