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Apple launches Corporate Gifting and Rewards Program

A new volume order program launched as part of Apple's online store seeks to make it easier for business and other organizations to place bulk orders for custom engraved iPods, iTunes gift cards, and accessories.

Through the new Apple Corporate Gifting and Rewards Program, companies placing orders for 50 or more iPods — either for gifts, employee bonus incentives, or other means — can engrave those players with a message or their company logo.

Bulk orders of 50 or more units can consist of any mixture of iPod models, Apple said, though logo engraving is only available on the iPod, iPod touch and iPod nano.

Logo engraving requires an undisclosed "one-time setup fee" and text message engraving is free of charge. Companies placing orders for 250 iPods or more can also choose to pre-load those players with specific content for an extra $10 per unit.

To place an order, companies can call 1-877-275-IPOD or submit their contact information and a wait a call back.

Messages engraved on iPod nano are limited to 2 lines, 29 characters each; on iPod classic, 2 lines, 29 characters each; on iPod touch, 2 lines, 29 characters each; and on iPod shuffle, 1 line, 38 characters.