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iPhone software v2.0 to allow saving of web images

Discoveries made within leaked versions of Apple Inc.'s upcoming iPhone 2.0 software update show the company is actively narrowing the gap in functionality between its mobile and computer-based applications.

The most recent example comes by way of Gizmodo, which recently discovered that the mobile version of Safari due to ship as part of the update will allow users to save web images to their handset's photo album.

"We tried and it works: just hold your finger against an image for a longer time than usual and the popup dialog will appear," the gadget site reported. Once saved, the images can be used as background images, mailed to friends, or used as custom contact icons.

Similarly, findings published last week show Apple is also working to improve the functionality of its mobile address book and iCal applications, brining them closer to spec with versions shipping on the latest Macs.

Specifically, iPhones updated with the upcoming software update will gain access to a contact search function, as well as the ability to issue iCal meeting invitations.

iPhone software v2.0 is due to ship in late June, the same time Apple plans to take the wraps off its App Store — a new application for the iPhone and iPod touch that will serve up third-party applications that have been authorized for distribution by the Cupertino-based electronics maker.