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Apple spotted filming commercial at Fifth Avenue store

Confirming suspicions raised by Apple's own website, observers have witnessed the company filming a commercial inside its Fifth Avenue retail store, with clues surfacing as to just what products may be involved.

Those live blogging the proceedings at The iLife describe film crews outside the location setting up lights around the Manhattan outlet's signature glass cube for a video shoot, one which has led Apple to notify customers through its website that it would close the store between 3PM on Thursday and 9AM on Friday.

The store's human resources manager is on-site and "clearly happy" about the event, according to a report.

While views of the inside are limited, glimpses reveal carefully crafted changes to the normal appearance of the underground store. Demonstration computers have been changed to hide the menu bar and dock from view.

More importantly, people within the store appear to be gathering around one set of tables — the iPhone tables. These are surrounded by cardboard which is said to be "eerie" and "very Apple."

Adding to the unusual nature are black cases labeled "Anonymous 5+4."

While it's still uncertain as to just what Apple intends with the filming, the production may be part of a more concerted Apple promotional campaign. Murmurs from the underground sent to AppleInsider suggest that famed director and regular Final Cut Studio user David Fincher has been involved in shooting a commercial for Apple in Los Angeles.

Photos from The iLife's coverage follow.

The set outside Apple Store Fifth Ave. | Image credits: The iLife.

Studio lights outside the cube
Studio lights outside the cube. | Image credits: The iLife.

iMacs inside the store during filming
iMacs inside the store during filming. | Image credits: The iLife.

Crew around tables with backing cardboard
Film crews around tables; note the backing cardboard. | Image credits: The iLife.

Blurry photo of 'Anonymous' crates
A blurry photo of crates marked "Anonymous 5+4" entering the store. | Image credits: The iLife.