Apple OS share rises; iPhone official for Spain; 3G iPhone shoot

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Apple's share of the operating system market was up again for the month of May, while Microsoft's share continued to fall. Meanwhile, iPhone is now officially on its way to Spain. And a new "behind the scenes" movie from last weeks Apple filming reveals one of the key actors.

Apple's OS share rising

Apple's operating system market share rose nearly 6 percent during the month of May to 7.83 percent, according to access reports from web properties tracked by NetApplications. During the same period, Microsoft's combined share of the OS market dropped by just over a half a percentage point.

On the browser front, Safari also saw its share rise by a little over 7.5 percent to close out the month with 6.25 percent of the overall browser market. Meanwhile, Microsoft's Internet Explorer lost nearly a full percentage point of browser share, falling to 73.75 percent.

NetApplications is now also tracking the iPhone's share of the overall OS market, noting that it rose a mere 0.01 percent in May to 0.16 percent. However, a report from market research firm IDC released this weekend indicates the iPhone's share of the US cell phone market dipped considerably during the first quarter of the year to 19.2 percent. The Apple handset exited the fourth quarter of 2007 with a 26.7 percent share.

iPhone official for Spain

Telefonica-owned Movistar formally announced an agreement with Apple to distribute the next-generation iPhone in Spain. Like earlier carrier announcements in recent months, the carrier offered no further details other than to say the device would be available to its subscribers sometime this year.

Movistar's Francisco José Santos Esteras had previously stated that his firm had reached an agreement with Apple to offer the iPhone in Spain. At the time, he said the carrier would have a temporary exclusive on sales of the handset in country lasting between three and six months.

Movistar caters to over 22 million customers in Spain and parts of Latin America.

3G iPhone commercial

AppleInsider reader DavidJr submits the following "behind the scenes" video he shot last week during the widely publicized filming outside Apple's flagship shop on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

It's widely believed the shoot was tied to the upcoming 3G iPhone launch and may have even been the setting for a commercial that was partially filmed out in Los Angeles.

Of interest from the new video is that it shows one of the actors — a man in a suit — being prepped as the camera zooms in.