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Official: Mac OS X Snow Leopard doesn't support PowerPC Macs

Documentation included with copies of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard distributed during Apple's developer conference this week confirm that the next-generation operating system does not presently support Macs with PowerPC processors. has published a screen capture of the PDF-based requirements document included on the Snow Leopard disc that provides a rundown of the system's requirements.

The documentation states that in order to install Snow Leopard, developers must have a Mac computer with "an Intel processor" and at least 512MB of RAM, though additional memory is recommended for development purposes.

The findings confirm an AppleInsider report from last September, which cited people familiar with the ongoing development of Leopard as saying that Mac OS X 10.6 would in all likelihood exclude support for PowerPC processors.

According to the Snow Leopard documentation, the new system will also require an Apple-supplied video card, 9GB of hard disk space, and either an internal, external or shared DVD drive.