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iPhone 3G plans start at $48 in the Netherlands, $128 in Denmark

T-Mobile has announced three distinct iPhone 3G plans for the Netherlands starting at $48 USD, meanwhile Telia of Denmark has introduce a single plan for $128 USD that will see a 33 percent reduction after the first six months.

T-Mobile of the Netherlands

Prospective iPhone 3G buyers in the Netherlands will be able to sign up for an entry level calling plan priced at $48 (29.95 euro) on July 11th that includes 150 minutes, 150 SMS messages and unlimited data. Consumers who choose this plan can purchase an 8GB iPhone for $127 (79.95 euro) or a 16GB iPhone for $254 (159.95 euro).

A mid-range plan priced at $71 (44.95 euro) offers an 8GB iPhone for just $1.58 (1 euro) or 16GB iPhone for $127 (79.95 euro), and includes 300 minutes, 300 SMS messages, and unlimited data.

T-Mobile's top tier plan is priced at $103 (64.95 euro) and also offers an 8GB iPhone for $1.58 (1 euro) or a 16GB iPhone for $32 (19.95 euro). It includes 500 minutes, 500 SMS messages and unlimited data.

Each of the plans requires a 24-month contract and $83 (52.50 euro) one-time activation charge. All plans include Visual Voicemail and access to more than 1500 Wifi-hotspots. 3G data is capped at 2048/384 Kbps.

Update: AppleInsider reader Rick notes that T-Mobile, faced with complaints from customers, has just announced a new "promotion" for new iPhone 3G users that cuts the activation fee in half to about $41.50 (26.25 euro).

Telia of the Denmark

Separately, Telia of Denmark this week introduce a one-size-fits-all iPhone 3G plan for its customers that will cost $128 (DKK 599) per month for the first six months and include 300 minutes, unlimited SMS messages, unlimited calls to other Telia subscribers, and 300MB of data. Apple's 8GB iPhone 3G is priced at $298 (DKK 1399) with this single-choice plan, while the 16GB model is priced at $426 (DKK 1999).

After six months, subscribers can cancel their contracts, making the minimum buy-in cost for the first six months $1064 (DKK 4993) for the 8GB iPhone and $1193 (DKK 5593) for the 16GB model.

Subscribers who wish to keep their service after the first six months will see their monthly fee reduced from $128 (DKK 599) to $85 (DKK 399).