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Apple may be working with AT&T on iPhone tethering plan


Apple is discussing with U.S. wireless carrier AT&T the possibility of offering iPhone 3G users the option to purchase an additional data plan that would allow the handset's 3G connection to be shared with notebook computers.

A $10 application called NetShare from iPhone software developer NullRiver briefly enabled this functionality earlier this month but was subsequently plucked from the App Store by Apple after AT&T expressed its disapproval.

In an email to Apple chief executive Steve Jobs on August 4th, shortly after NetShare's disappearance, one iPhone owner argued that it's "ludicrous" that a tethering option is not offered alongside "such an advanced device."

The owner pointed out that AT&T offers this option to users of Research In Motion's BlackBerry smartphones for an additional $30 per month, and said he'd be willing to shell out the extra change each month for the same luxury.

In a response via his iPhone, Jobs is reported to have said: "We agree, and are discussing it with ATT."

AppleInsider has worked to verify the authenticity of the email passed on to gadget site Gizmodo, as it does with others alleged to have come from the Apple co-founder. It can confirm that the transmission originated from an Apple I.P. and via the same D-class as other responses from Jobs known to be authentic.