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Unannounced 4GB fourth-gen iPod nanos on sale in Europe [u2]

Apple last week introduced its fourth generation iPod nano with storage capacities of 8GB and 16GB, making no mention of a 4GB model that is now widely available through several overseas outlets.

European blog OneMoreThing posted several photos of the mysterious offering earlier this morning, noting that they were spotted on the shelves of Dutch Apple premium reseller HTR for €119 (or $168) and appear to be the real deal.

Separately, AppleInsider has been pointed to similar listing on the German version of, which

">lists the 4GB model

as being available in all nine colors for €129, and Austrian reseller Geizhals, where they're listed for €130.

Another Dutch reseller, A-Mac, also has the 4GB players up for sale at €119.

The photos published by OneMoreThing, as well as a higher resolution snap on display at Engadget, suggests the players are an official, but unannounced, offering.

Update: German blog Cyberbloc suggests that the 4GB fourth-gen nanos may be the result of a production fault, where Apple initially began manufacturing 4GB and 8GB models but made a near last-minute decision to market 8GB and 16GB models instead. As such, it's suggested that the 4GB models were a limited production that will be sold in Europe while supplies last.

Update 2:Apple Canada is also advising local resellers that they will have access to 4GB nano's next week which will retail for $139 Canadian. Quantities will be limited.

Mysterious 4GB nano
Mysterious 4GB nano