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Apple releases Apple TV 2.3 with AirTunes, third-party remotes

Apple on Wednesday night released version 2.3 of its Apple TV firmware to add AirTunes streaming as well as support for third-party remotes.

The patch, available solely through the Apple TV's built-in update feature, is said in Apple's release notes to let users now stream music from the media hub to speakers connected to an Airport Express or to other Apple TVs in the home, letting it serve as a form of repeater.

Owners are also no longer tied to the built-in Apple Remote and can now teach Apple TV to recognize other infrared remotes in place of the official controller; the technique potentially allows universal remotes such as Logitech's Harmony line.

Other additions include the option for playlists that include a mixture of various audio and video formats as well as the ability to adjust volume in the music section.

Readers are encouraged to list other, unpublished features they may discover in the 2.3 firmware.