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QuickTime 7.5.7 allows SD iTunes playback over DisplayPort


Calming a controversial situation, Apple on Tuesday night released a new QuickTime update that allows standard definition iTunes movies to play over the new MacBooks' DisplayPort to older displays.

The update, currently available only through Software Update on the unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro as well as the second-revision MacBook Air, addresses a widely publicized complaint that the new portables would refuse to play purchased movies on external displays without HDCP support.

This is known to include any display that attaches through the VGA adapter and should also permit similar playback on DVI-equipped displays without HDCP encryption built-in. High definition content isn't immediately affected as TV shows typically aren't required to use the copy protection format.

Apple's change brings the Mac closer into step with the typical behavior of other movie stores and the movie disc industry, which often permits much less restricted playback for regular DVD- or TV-level resolution video but places tighter controls on HD.