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App Store shoppers downloading 2.2 million apps per day

Though arguably still in its infancy, Apple's App Store has already reached a daily run rate that's seen iPhone and iPod touch users combine to download approximately 2.2 million applications every day.

Apple hasn't announced that figure outright, but CNBC's Jim Goldman drew attention to one of the company's advertisement in the New York Times today that says iPhone users have "downloaded over 300 million" applications from the App Store since it launched in July.

The last time the iPhone maker provided an update on App Store downloads was October 21st, when it noted that users would download the 200 millionth app the following day. That means that in just 45 days shoppers have downloaded another 100 million apps, or well over 2 million per day.

Meanwhile, market intelligence firm comScore said Thursday that was the 5th most trafficked retail site on Cyber Monday — the Monday immediately following Black Friday — with 3.68 million shoppers hitting its store pages, a 43 percent increase from average daily traffic during the month of November.

eBay (12.9 million) took top honors, followed by big-box retailers (9.2 million), Wal-Mart (6.76 million), and Target (4.8 million).