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Digital file management firm points to 1TB Mac mini refresh


A press release from a third party seems to indicate that Apple will refresh its Mac Mini line tomorrow with hard drive options as large as 1 terabyte.

SeeFile Software announced a new version of its easy digital media asset management system in a press release at Macworld.   Customers can buy the SeeFile server software together with a new Mac mini directly from SeeFile, according to the firm.

"Complete bundled server systems including a Mac mini server with 1 terabyte of storage are available," the release says.  Since Mac minis are presently only available with up to 160 gigabyte hard drives, the announcement is fueling speculation of a Mac mini product announcement at tomorrow's Macworld keynote.

In a report published in October, AppleInsider cited insiders who said the new Mac minis would likely offer options for multiple hard drives, more RAM, and the new Mini DisplayPort.  Other rumored changes to the Mac mini are expected to include a NVIDIA chipset, a mini DVI port to supplement the Mini DisplayPort, a FireWire 800 port, and a fifth USB port.

The Mac mini was last refreshed in August 2007. Of course, there's also the possibility that SeeFile's release pertains to an after market solution by which the firm is modifying Mac minis themselves.