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Videos: Woz on Steve Jobs' leave; parents on Tim Cook's rise

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak argued in a television interview this past week that he thinks Steve Jobs' temporary absence from Apple could be a blessing in disguise. Meanwhile, the parents of interim chief Tim Cook discuss the compulsive work ethic that's helped propel their small town boy to the top of Silicon Valley.

Steve Wozniak

Speaking on NBC, Wozniak said he has no reason to takes Jobs' explanation for his leave from Apple at anything but face value, explaining that some "rest and peacefulness" could translate into the next wave of innovation upon a return to the company later this year.

"What do you do when you rest? Sometimes your mind floats. A person like his is probably going to work out [...] better concepts and products, and the way the future can be — the way we live our lives — you know, more than almost any individual could," he said. "It's probably a great, great thing for Apple."

Wozniak also noted that technology companies like Apple have traditionally worked off long pipelines where products gestate for upwards of two years, meaning they "aren't going to be disturbed" suddenly due to Jobs' shift in day-to-day activities.

That said, Wozniak refused to speculate on whether Apple would remain as capable as it is today should Jobs fail to return to his post at the company.

Tim Cook's parents

Meanwhile, a local Alabama TV station caught up with Donald and Geraldine Cook, parents of Apple's acting chief executive Tim Cook, to talk about their son's rise to the top of one of the world's most recognizable companies.

"He's the kind of fellow that doesn't believe in giving up on nothing. He's a go-getter. He's a workaholic," said his dad. "Anything he started he finished. No matter what it was. If he got in it, he finished it."

"He's given a lot of pleasure," added his mom. "He won a speaking contest back in school and I don't know where he got that speaking from. We can't do that,"

And despite a workload that would make most people cringe, Cook never misses a call to his mother on Sunday morning.

"He calls every Sunday, no matter what, no matter where he's at," his dad said. "Europe, Asia no matter where he's at, he calls his Mother every Sunday. He don't miss a one."