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iPhone 3.0 beta caught hiding video editing graphics?

The founder of Austrian site claims to have found multiple unused graphical controls that relate directly to video editing. Among the controls are grab points that would let users define the start and end of clips as well as repeating, tile graphics and references to an 'edit bar.'

Brought to English readers through Gizmodo, the rumor doesn't yet show an actual video editor but further supports evidence of video capturing as a staple feature in iPhone 3.0.

People familiar with Apple's plans have previously told AppleInsider that the camera in the next-genration iPhone should include video capture abilities, an assertion supported by a screen cap for MobileMe sync that alluded to uploading video.

More recently, alleged Taiwan insiders have also said that the camera itself may be upgraded to 3.2 megapxiels, suggesting that upgraded hardware video performance is just as important to Apple as software features.

The list of supposed video editing graphics. | Image credits:

Apple has typically downplayed the importance of the iPhone's camera and has kept the same 2-megapixel camera since its handset's introduction in June 2007; the absence has drawn criticism from those noting that significantly less expensive phones have had video recordings in place for years. More direct competitors to the iPhone, like LG's Viewty, have even made on-camera editing a central feature rather than one feature among many.