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iPhone Software 3.0 beta 3 delivers gradual improvements

Apple on Tuesday evening made available to iPhone developers a third beta of iPhone Software 3.0 showing some early signs of optimizations and carrying with it an updated version of the iPhone SDK 3.0.

iPhone Software 3.0

Available in four distinct distributions — iPhone, iPhone 3G, first-gen iPod touch, and second-gen iPod touch — the third beta of iPhone OS 3.0 carries build number 7A280f and arrives exactly two weeks after the second beta.

People familiar with the software in the brief time that its been available have been reporting speed optimizations during keyboard input and use of the included App Store application.

Spotlight also reportedly saves its last search results and offers options for excluding applications from searches, though it's unclear if these two findings are new to beta 3.

iPhone SDK 3.0

Arriving in tandem with iPhone Software 3.0 beta 3 was a similarly labeled beta of iPhone SDK 3.0 carrying build number 9M2728. Among the changes included with the new build is an updated beta of the Xcode IDE that showcases a new Overview toolbar and a "completely revamped" assistant interface for creating new projects, targets and files.

Meanwhile, updates to Interface Builder introduce new drag-and-drop capabilities for repairing objects and reordering files in document outline view, as well as a new string table interface that simplifies the process of making textual changes across multiple documents.

Apple did warn developers that an issue with beta 3 of iPhone Software 3.0 will prevent them from running iPhone apps that have been compiled for earlier version of the iPhone software, but said it hopes to resolve the issue with the release of the next beta.