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Icon for iPhone 2,1 appears in latest iPhone SDK

An image has surfaced in the latest beta of the iPhone SDK that appears to confirm a new model but also few apparent cosmetic changes.

Discovered by a member of the MacTalk forums, the icon set buried well within the device framework for iPhone SDK beta 5 shows images for iPhone 2,1 — the internal working name for the next version of Apple's handset.

While it virtually confirms an upcoming replacement for the current iPhone 3G, the small images show a design fundamentally similar to the present-day models, down to references to both black- and white-colored backings. The original iPhone has a visibly different icon than either today's phone or the 2,1 entry.

What this signals isn't necessarily clear. If real representations, the images support notions that the 2009 won't be an external redesign and will instead focus almost exclusively on what's inside. Many expect a faster processor, faster networking and more storage. The chance also exists that the entries serve as placeholders until Apple can comfortably reveal new iPhones in software.

Beta 5 doesn't make any references to iPod 2,2, the expected minor refresh to the iPod touch.