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Breaking: shot fired, one wounded at Virginia-based Apple Store

An unidentified man fired at least one shot at the Apple Store Clarendon in Arlington, Virginia shortly after the store opened Friday morning, wounding at least one, a person with knowledge of the situation tells AppleInsider.

"Someone was just shot at the store and just were carted out in an ambulance," that person said. "Unsure what happened but the store is closed down and there are police everywhere."

Witnesses report hearing a loud bang coming from the back room followed by a woman screaming. A thin-framed, black male believed to be in his twenties and wearing a fake beard was seen fleeing from the rear of the store.

Local authorities have called in air support to help search for the suspect, who was reportedly clad in beige. The victim, whose gender and identity have yet to be identified, is believed to have been shot in the shoulder.

Update: Local branches of both ABC and FOX news are now confirming the incident, and the Washington Post claims the victim of the apparent botched armed robbery is a female.