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Psystar to depose numerous Apple executives in lawsuit


Clone Mac creator Psystar announced this week that it will conduct depositions of numerous high-ranking Apple officials as it prepares its defense against the company's lawsuit.

"We are pleased to announce that an agreement with Apple's counsel was reached earlier this month and we now have the final list of their deponents for our proposed topics with respect to this litigation," the company's Web site states, in a blog post entitled 'A taste of their own medicine.'

It continues: "For the past week and the following ten days we will be doing depositions of some of Apple's highest level people. After numerous depositions of Psystar employees and associates, the shoe is finally on the other foot, oh the joy!"

True to the tone they have shown publicly so far, the company is even planning a semi-democratic take on their legal proceedings, asking readers to send in questions. The company states that they will take the top ten submissions for each Apple executive and ask them during the process.

The list of officials who have been or will be deposed and the corresponding dates are as follows:

  • Aug. 07 - John Wright - Senior software manager, OS X
  • Aug. 12 - Kevin Van Vechten - Software engineering manager, OS X
  • Aug. 13 - Phil Schiller - Senior VP, Worldwide Product Marketing
  • Aug. 14 - Mike Culbert - Senior director, Mac Hardware
  • Aug. 18 - Gary Thomas - Unknown
  • Aug. 19 - Simon Patience - Head of Core OS, OS X
  • Aug. 21 - Mark Donnelly - VP, Finance and Worldwide Business Management
  • Aug. 21 - Greg Christie - Unknown
  • Aug. 21 - Bob Mansfield - Senior VP, Mac Hardware Engineering

Last week, Psystar's request for its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing to be dismissed was granted in a Florida court. However, that same decision also included stipulations to ensure that the company won't be able to file for bankruptcy again to avoid its lawsuit with Apple in California.

Apple has a lawsuit against Psystar scheduled to start on January 11, 2010. When the company first filed for bankruptcy, the case was put on hold, until Apple had a stay on the case dismissed. Weeks ago, the clone-Mac-maker brought on a new legal team to continue its efforts.