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Poor bets placed on Apple taking dual tablet route in September


Analysts and industry-watchers alike are constantly scraping the barrel for details on Apple's forthcoming tablet-based device but are consistently missing the mark, AppleInsider has been told.

The latest example came by way of Richard Doherty, a director at market researcher for Envisioneering Group, who recently told BusinessWeek that Apple is working on two different versions of its multi-touch tablet.

More specifically, Doherty said one resembles a large-sized iPod with a 6-inch screen, while the second sports an even larger display. He added that Apple could launch both devices as early as September, a decision which he said rests in the hands of chief executive Steve Jobs.

This information, however, is far from accurate, according to people who've long been familiar with company's plans to redefine the market for portable computing with a slate-like device akin to a modern day Newton MessagePad.

These same people maintain that Apple is working on a single 10-inch device which will launch no earlier than the first calendar quarter of next year, which runs January through March.

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