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New AT&T specific features rumored for future iPhone update

Apple and its exclusive US wireless provider AT&T could soon deliver new carrier-specific features to iPhone users through a future software update in a bid to increase customer satisfaction.

At least one of the enhancements, according to those claiming knowledge of the matter, would be similar to the Visual Voicemail feature made popular on the iPhone two years ago, in that it may require AT&T to tailor changes to its network.

In particular, the two parties are said to be mulling the possibility of enabling the following capabilities through an update to the iPhone's software that could arrive before year's end:

  • Overage Alerts: A proposed new setting under the iPhone's "Phone" preferences would allow users to customize a push notification — in the form of a badge, message, or sound — to be issued when they're in danger of exceeding their monthly anytime minutes.
  • New Voicemail Options: A new "Voicemail" setting, also proposed as an addition to the touch-screen handset's "Phone" preferences, would provide a means for users to disable the custom Voicemail greeting — as well as AT&T's standard Voicemail introduction — heard by other users. Similarly, the same feature would also make it possible for users to automatically bypass Voicemail greetings, AT&T's standard introduction, and other automated instructions when placing calls to other AT&T customers.

The proposals are said to be a collaborative effort between AT&T and Apple based off customer feedback. In addition to boosting customer satisfaction with both the iPhone and AT&T's wireless network, the additions could also serve as a steppingstone for additional carrier-specific features, those claiming knowledge of the situation say.