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Apple close to unveiling all-new MacBook line

An initiative on the part of Apple to retain and redesign its low-cost polycarbonate MacBook line due to ongoing economic uncertainties is now believed to be closer to fruition than once thought, AppleInsider has been told.

The new models, which appear as if they could make their debut alongside a family of more versatile iMacs in the coming weeks, are expected to arrive as the most affordable notebook offerings in the Mac maker's history.

Together, the pair of refreshes should round out Apple's 2009 personal computer offerings and propel the company into the holiday shopping season with its most cost-effective lineup of Mac hardware to date.

As is the case with the upcoming iMac makeover, little is known about the revised industrial design of the new MacBook models, other than hints towards a thinner, sleeker enclosure that will embrace Apple's cutting-edge internal battery technology.

That said, one person familiar with pre-production units indicated to AppleInsider several weeks ago that models awaiting certification were seen in white polycarbonate shells, consistent with the sole $999 model currently available from the Cupertino-based company.

Since then, reports have surfaced to indicated that these models have made their way to manufacturing in some capacity.

Both the iMac and MacBook share accolades as the best selling desktop and notebook, respectively, in Apple's history. The iMac last saw a facelift in August of 2007, while the MacBook design has grown a bit longer in the tooth, having gone without visual tweaks since May of 2006.

An assessment of Apple's portable computing lineup for Q2CY10 based on information presently available to AppleInsider.

The new MacBook line will also serve as one of the final pieces in the construction of Apple's sub-$1000 portable computing lineup, due to culminate sometime in the first quarter of 2010 with the introduction of the firm's much-anticipated tablet device.