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Apple recruiting talent for iWork's transition to the cloud

A December job posting by Apple could indicate an increased emphasis on cloud-based aspects of applications like iWork.

In a potential signal that Apple plans on introducing a fully collaborative cloud-based version of iWork, a job posting revealed that Apple is looking for a software engineer well versed in browser technology, scalable internet applications and word processing development.

TechCrunch noted that on its CrunchBoard job board, Apple posted the following job description:

The Productivity team (i.e. iWork) is seeking an energetic, highly motivated software engineer in building a scalable rich internet application. The person will be part of the core development team and engage in an area from design to development of the software system.

Besides exceptional programming skills and devotion to creating great software, we look for one or more of the following kinds of expertise or experience:

• JavaScript language and browser technology - understanding from inside-out, or

• Computer graphics - the mathematics, algorithms and programming, or

• Experience developing scalable rich internet application, or

• Experience developing presentation/collaboration or word processing projects

BS or better in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering

"What caught our eye on this one is the language around building an application, from design to development. That suggests something different than just joining the existing team. Apple is putting together a whole new team, for a new project, and they need outside expertise," notes TechCrunch.

Apple has already started to incorporate cloud computing concepts into its iWork suite with the introduction of in January of 2009. It allowed users to upload iWork '09 documents onto the web for online viewing, comments, and notes.

Apple has also made preparations for a large push into the cloud computing arena. This summer, Apple selected a site for its $1 billion server farm, a project that many believe is intended to power a giant cloud computing operation.

MobileMe was Apple's initial foray into the cloud, delivering push e-mail, contacts, and calendars to handheld devices and computers via the internet.