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More evidence of 'iPad' name, AT&T bracing for 'unannounced devices'


Apple has extended the time available for it to make a legal argument against Fujitsu over the "iPad" name according to Trademark Office documents, and AT&T may be prepping its network for "unannounced devices."

Evidence points to iPad as possible name

According to US Patent and Trademark Office documents uncovered by The Jesus Tablet blog, Apple has filed several requests asking for additional time to present evidence opposing Fujitsu's "iPad" trademark application. Apple began the process last September, and has continued to ask to have the option open to oppose the name. Apple was granted an extension, giving the company until February 28 to make its case.

Apple's interest in the "iPad" moniker may be simply due to the fact that it closely resembles the iPod name, as Apple is known for diligently protecting its brand. Although Fujitsu had first filed to trademark the name back in 2003, Apple has only recently shown interest, lending credence to the argument that it may indeed be the name of its new tablet device.

Last week, the IPAD name was registered in New Zealand, Australia and Trinidad and Tobago by a company called IP Application Development. Apple was also found to be behind the company Slate Computing in trademarking the name "iSlate." Apple has trademarked other names that could be used for the new device, including "Magic Slate."

AT&T prepping network for "unannounced devices"

AT&T "has apparently been meeting individually with regional executives to inform them of some changes to the AT&T network," sources tell Boy Genius Report.

"They seem to be focused on prepping the network to compensate for unannounced devices and also future devices that will use heavy data."

Yesterday, it was reported that one analyst believes AT&T will need to increase its investment in wireless infrastructure by $5 billion in order to equal Verizon's levels of coverage and reliability.

Boy Genius Report has a respectable track record in forecasting AT&T and iPhone related announcements, but some of its Apple rumors have been less than accurate.