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More iPhone 4 components show up in Portugal, Taiwan

Global anticipation of the launch of the next generation iPhone is gaining enough momentum that even pictures of its chassis and battery are being discussed on blogs worldwide, from Portugal to Taiwan.

Bodies in Portugal

A report by iPhone Portugal depicted the iPhone 4's purported unibody construction as being very similar to the MacBook Pro and iPad, in a pair of Portuguese videos subtitled in English (below).

The site says the two identical aluminum bodies it presented were purchased by a reader in China for an undisclosed sum. It described the parts as being very light, beautiful and elegant, and said the body "seems to be made in mass production."

The parts appear to match the component breakdown presented by Gizmodo, and the leaked prototype phone that showed up in Vietnam.

Battery in Taiwan

A second report by Apple Pro in Taiwan depicted the iPhone 4's battery.

The site noted that the new battery is rated at 5.25 Watthours, compared to the previous iPhone 3GS' 4.51Wh battery, a 16.5% increase in delivered storage. The site also depicted the new phone's internal connection to the Dock Connector.

While the number of "leaks" surrounding the next iPhone seems to be much higher than usual, it is more likely that the worldwide interest in the iPhone is simply drawing attention to parts that nobody would have considered newsworthy in the past, just as there are few notable occurrences of Android phones being dissected and subsequently receiving any sort of global web traffic from interested viewers.