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AdMob: 57% of 44 million iOS devices are from outside the US

Apple was the top device manufacturer on the AdMob network in May, according to the ad agency's latest data, with 44 million unique iOS devices tracked, and 57 percent of those from outside of the U.S.

The results from the May 2010 Mobile Metrics Report show that the iOS platform experienced its strongest growth in unique devices in the past year in Asia, Oceania and Western Europe. As a result, less than half of all unique iOS devices — 48 percent — are from North America. Another 28 percent hailed from Western Europe, while 15 percent came from Asia.

Among countries, 43 percent of all iOS devices came from the U.S., followed in a distant second by the U.K. with 9 percent. France ranked third with 6 percent, followed by Canada (5 percent) and Japan (4 percent).

The May 2010 survey also found that 58 percent of iPad users were in the U.S. during the month. In second was Japan, with a 5 percent share, while China and the U.K. both carried 4 percent.

Worldwide, AdMob tracked 29.3 million unique iPhones, representing most of the iOS devices seen. When the iPad and iPod touch are included, the network found 43.8 million unique iOS devices. That compares with just 12.7 million Android handsets.

In the U.S., the ratio of iOS devices to Android devices was about 2-to-1, but globally, Apple has a much greater lead, enjoying a 3.5-to-1 ratio in its advantage.

Other details from the AdMob report:

  • iPhone users rely more on Wi-Fi than other smartphone users. 24 percent of all mobile traffic in the U.S. came over Wi-Fi.
  • The iPhone was by far the leading smartphone in May, with 39.9 percent of requests. In a distant second was the Motorola Droid, at 6.8 percent, followed by the HTC Magic at 2.9 percent.
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  • iOS device mix varies by region: The iPhone has more than 60 percent share of all iOS devices in every region except North America and Latin America.
  • Google's Android has not yet grown overseas like iOS devices have, as 67 percent of Android users in May were from North America. China was the No. 2 country with 13 percent, followed by 4 percent in the U.K.
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  • HTC and Motorola represent 83 percent of all Android devices, with the Motorola Droid the most popular option at 21 percent. The only devices from another manufacturer in the top ten was the Samsung Moment (5 percent).