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Lenovo says Apple missing out in China, curtains are off Shanghai store

The chairman of PC maker Lenovo said this week that Apple doesn't care about China because Steve Jobs has a "bad temper," while Apple has taken the wraps off of the grand entrance to its forthcoming Shanghai retail store.

Lenovo is 'lucky' Apple doesn't compete in China

Lenovo Chairman Liu Chuanzhi believes that Apple is missing a huge opportunity in the Chinese market, according to the Financial Times. He said his company is "lucky" that Apple doesn't compete, as it would likely be to Lenovo's detriment.

"We are lucky that Steve Jobs has such a bad temper and doesn't care about China," Chuanzhi reportedly said. "If Apple were to spend the same effort on the chinese consumer as we do, we would be in trouble."

Lenovo recently launched its LePhone designed specifically for Chinese consumers. The chairman said he believes his handset had an advantage because of that localization. He also praised Jobs, calling him a "genius."

The Times noted that Apple's products are desirable in China, but there is limited availability due to a small number of retail options.

Shanghai store to open this Saturday

This Saturday, Apple will hold a grand opening for its new flagship store in Shanghai, China. For weeks now, the megastore has been hidden behind red curtains pictured on its massive glass storefront. But this week, they were removed to reveal its exterior.

AppleInsider reader Matthew Lesh sent in photos he took of the cover being removed from the store's entrance in preparation for the grand opening. The cylindrical glass structure serves as the entrance to the store, which is located underneath and accessed via staircase.

Shanghai 2
Shanghai 3

White iPhone 4 unboxed

Finally, Chris Chang of MIC Gadget sent along photos of Apple's forthcoming white iPhone 4, in and out of its box. The box looks identical to the packaging for the black iPhone 4, except the pictured hardware on the front includes the white glass front and back.

In June, just before the iPhone 4 launched, Apple announced that the white model will not arrive until late July. The company said the device proved "more challenging to manufacture than expected," forcing the delay.

The pictures of the handset show holes above the earpiece that are not found on the already released black model. These are likely to allow the handset's proximity sensor to work through the colored glass.

White iPhone 4 1
White iPhone 4 2
White iPhone 4 3